Right now I feel so blessed.
I feel blessed by my sweet boyfriend, I feel blessed by my sorority, I feel blessed by my friends from home like my sweet Felicity who always knows exactly what I need to hear, I feel blessed by Adam for making me wanna be the kind of person I know I can be, I feel blessed by my new renewing of friendship with Megan because she’s the best friend I ever did have, I feel blessed by the opportunity to meet more girls tomorrow, I feel blessed by my job and my sweet children there has never been a luckier nanny, I feel blessed by my jeep and it’s unending ability to make my day even when i leave her out in the rain, I feel blessed by my roommate situation, I feel blessed by my friendship with tyler and all the rest of the boys, I feel blessed by such loving parents, and I most of all feel blessed that Trey and I’s love for each other is so real that even candidates want a sibling relationship like ours. 


Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20

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go pack or go home #blackout (at Carter-Finley Stadium - Official Home Of Wolfpack Football)

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Loggin; Thomas Williams


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